Basil Purple


Dark Opal Basil Microgreens seeds have numerous applications in cooking. Use the microgreens as you would the full-grown dark opal basil herb. Micro basil is an outstanding choice for caprese, pesto or any recipe that calls for fresh basil. The flavor of micro basil is a bit more intense than adult basil.

  • Anti-Inflammatory & anti-bacterial

There are a number of chemicals in basil microgreens, including citronellol and linalool, which are known to reduce inflammation in the body and even tackle bacterial infections.

This makes it a great addition to your diet, especially if you’re already suffering for aches and pains.

  • Bone Strength

The calcium in basil microgreens ensures that your bones and teeth will stay strong. In fact, the array of nutrients can even help to keep osteoporosis at bay.

  • Hormone Regulation

Your body needs protein, zinc, magnesium and several of the other nutrients in these plants. Adequate quantities of these will help to ensure your hormones remain balanced; helping you to stay healthy.

  • Blood Clotting & Formation

The iron and vitamin K in basil microgreens will help to ensure your blood clots properly after a cut and you have the maximum number of red blood cells possible. These are the cells that carry oxygen around your body; they’re pretty important!




LATIN NAME  Ocimum basilicum


  • Vitamins K, E, and C
  • Calcium, Iron
  • Beta-carotenes


  •  Flavor very similar to large leaf basil but with that thai edge that dark basils bring.
  • Crunchy, nutty, fres


  • Tender
  • Crunchy, nutty, fresh
  • Soft


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