Monthly- Healthy Salad Subscription



  • Fresh Salads from farm directly delivered to your home.
  • Taste the best quality of veggies with full hygiene.
  • Choose the quantity for boxes you want every week to your home.
  • We will deliver a box of salad every week to your home and a total of 4 boxes will be delivered to you for this subscription.
  • Veggies in the Box-:
  • Serving-:
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Fresh Leafy Greens can be consumed raw or cook to break your consumption rank into vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian at the end.

There are Many benefits for you in this greens which include-:

  • Keeps you Heart Healthy
  • Helps you in weight management
  • Healthy veggies helps you to boost your immunity
  • It will help keep you active throughout the day.

Box include various veggies like-:


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